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Lulli™ Sleep Mask

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Sleep With Ease, No Matter Where You Are 

The Lulli™ is a modern, sophisticated version of the traditional eye mask. With Lulli™, our built-in Bluetooth headphones are slim, allowing for a comfortable night's sleep while listening to your favorite music, podcast, guided meditation.


Your New Travel Buddy

Lulli™ is the travel essential and a perfect gift for the frequent flyer in your life, or anyone that travels frequently! The Lulli™ eye mask keeps out the light, while our headphones help drown out the noise, making it easier to catch some shut-eye.


Connect To Any Device

Simply pair it to your phone, tablet, or computer and listen to virtually any of your favorite relaxing noises – from classical music to ocean waves. 

Wake up feeling refreshed and without ear pain, tangles in wires, or losing a headphone. 



Q: Are the sleep mask Bluetooth headphones comfortable for side sleepers?
A: Yes, very comfortable. Our headphones are thin and padded which allows for a night of comfortable side sleep.
Q: Can this be used as an alarm?

A: By itself? No. If it's connected to your smartphone or a device with an alarm set on it, yes. Any noise the phone makes normally should come through the speakers on the headphones.

Q: Is it washable? 
A: It is washable. The wires can be unplugged from the main unit containing the buttons and the charging port. The port can then be removed. The earphones come out as well.
Q: What version of Bluetooth do sleep headphones use?
A: Lulli™ uses Bluetooth 5.0 so it has the ability to connect to most if not all devices. 
Q: How long do the headphones work?
A: Lulli™ headphones can play music for up to 10 hours.
Q: Does these sleep headphones have a pouch or case?
A: It comes with a portable drawstring bag. Perfect for you to take the best sleep mask on a trip or store it. 
Q: Does it Velcro in the back? Or is it a full strap?
A: It has flexible velcro and is suitable for head circumferences of 20-26.5 inches. This size is suitable for most men, women, and kids.


Style: Headphone
Control Button: No 
Charge Port: USB-C
Charge Time: 2 Hours
Play Time: 10 Hours
Active Noise-Cancellation: Yes
Communication: Wireless
Volume Control: Yes
Sensitivity: 104dB
Wireless Type: Bluetooth
Wireless: Yes
Bluetooth Version: 5.0
Support Memory Card: No
Resistance: 30Ω
Waterproof: No
Frequency Response Range: 20 - 20000Hz
With Microphone: Yes


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