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EzScrew™ Drill Extender

EzScrew™ Drill Extender

EzScrew™ Drill Extender

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 Never Struggle With That Screw in a Tight Spot Again

The EzScrew™ Drill Extender is built around the concept that not every screw is 'screwable.' The EzScrew™ solves this problem by giving you the ability to position the drill bit at any angle and still be able to cut or drill with ease.

No More Frustration

The EzScrew™ Drill Extender attachment allows you to tighten and loosen the toughest of screws in those hard-to-reach areas. A tight corner, terrible leverage matter no more with the EzScrew™. Never struggle with a screw in a tight spot again and never curse at your wall again!


Q: Is this something that can be used with any electric screwdriver/drill? Universal?

A: The EzScrew is universal, just not for impact drills.

Q: When bent, does the hose stay put, like a gooseneck?

A: Yes it stays in the position it is placed in.

Q: Can this be used with a manual, ratcheting, screwdriver?

A: Yes, it can be used with a screwdriver that accepts the standard hex bits.

Q: Can I use drive sockets with this extension?

A: Yes.

Q: Can this extension actually work with a hole-drilling bit?
A: Drill bits made with ends that fit into the extension. Works great.

Q: Can you connect multiple extensions together for a longer reach?

A: No, the extenders do not connect, unfortunately.

Q: Does it need an adaptor to hold smaller drill bits?

A: It has a standard hex end (male on one end, female on the other) to use with screwdriver bits. You can use hex-shank drill bits, but to use regular drill bits, yes, you'd need an adapter.

Q: Outside diameter?

A: 3/8 inches.


Material: Plastic+Metal
Color: Black
Length: 8in. (200mm) / 10in. (250mm) / 12in. (300mm)

Package includes: 1 x shaft connecting link

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