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Comprex™ Compression Knee Sleeve

Comprex™ Compression Knee Sleeve

Comprex™ Compression Knee Sleeve

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Test Your Limits With Confidence!

Whether you're an athlete or suffering from any form of knee discomfort, the Comprex™ was designed to take your activity to the next levelProviding pain relief through compression and knee support to allow for more confidence and comfort in any activity.

Prevent and Ease Soreness

Whether you're lifting weights or golfing with friends, the Comprex™ knee sleeve creates comfort while maintaining the needed support. It's a perfect daily companion that helps relieve pain and discomfort, for people of all ages and activity levels.

Increase Performance No Matter The Activity

Our knee brace will help you push your limits with running, working out, or even just daily wear. The Comprex™ knee sleeve can be worn under clothing and will not get in your way. It's ideal for keeping the joint warm and stable - Comfortable, breathable material moves with so you can stay active.



Q: Are these knee sleeves good for squatting or running?

A: Yes, our sleeves offer great compression while allowing virtually full mobility

Q: What if I am between sizes?

A: If you are between sizes, choose the lower size for extra compression and the upper size for reduced compression

 4 Inches above the kneecap:
Small: 12.9 "- 16.1"
Medium: 16.1 "- 18.1"
Large: 18.1 "- 20.4"
X-Large: 20.4 "- 22.8"

Q: Does this include a pair or just one knee sleeve?

A: One knee sleeve 

Q: Are they machine washable?

A: Yes, wash with cold water and allow to air dry

Q: I grapple, do sparring, and train MMA I’m wondering if these are good for it? do they stay put, do they support while in constant motion?

A: Yes, the elastic band allows for minimal to no slippage, providing the needed hold and support during sparring or other movement activities 

Q: Can they be worn under my pants with comfort?

A: Yes, they can be worn under-pants and they are not visible - depending on how tight the pants are


Material: Nylon, latex silk, spandex, Silicone
Type: Compression knee pads
Weight: Black/Blue/Red/Green/Orange/Pink
Feature: Comfortable, breathable, and added knee support
Gender: Unisex

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