Tired Of Those Hot and Heavy Hiking Boots During Warm-Weather Treks? These Ultra Lightweight Shoes Are The Perfect Alternative!

Ana Goldstein | APRIL 1,2020

With Over 1.5 Million Units Sold Worldwide, Hikers and Campers Everywhere Are Making The Switch to These Hiking Shoes

We all know how frustrating it is to hike in heavy boots during the hot summer months.

Your feet get sweaty, those boots feel extra heavy, and take forever to dry when wet.

The objective of any hike is to bring the survival essentials while staying light.

So it doesn't come as a surprise that more and more people are searching for lighter hiking footwear alternatives during the warmer months.

Thankfully, there is a solution!

A US-based outdoors company has come up with a new ultra-lightweight hiking shoe, perfect for those warm-weather hikes, cliff jumps, and summer explorations.

What is it?

They're called the TerraX™ Hiking Shoe, a hiker's warm-weather alternative dream that will instantly improve your hiking experience during those hot summer treks.

How Does it Preform?

The TerraX™ Hiking Shoes features a water-logged free design, thanks to its breathable upper, providing optimal air circulation, and quick drying. Combined with a built-in drainage system located at both the bottom of the shoe's sole and in the insole, allowing for water to pass through the shoe and drain efficiently. Leaving your feet feeling fresh and dry.

The sole has built-in shock absorption, located at the toe, midsole, and heel of the shoe. A serrated grip on the sole allows for the TerraX™ Hiking Shoes to work efficiently on multiple types of terrain (water, mud, rocks, sand, concrete, etc.)

“The perfect alternative for my summer hikes and around base camp!"

Dual velcro straps located both over the top and the heel of the shoe, give you a very secure, locked-in feeling; just adjust the heel and top strap to desired tightness and get exploring!  

The TerraX™ Hiking Shoe in Action

How Much are They?

Big Brands love to charge an arm and a leg for a regular pair of hiking boots or shoes. 

Not the TerraX™ Hiking Shoe, the companies goal is to be different from those big brands, by providing great shoes at a reasonable cost. 

Venture Lighter and More Comfortably This Hot Hiking Season...