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Omi™ Smart Tape Measure

Omi™ Smart Tape Measure

Omi™ Smart Tape Measure

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Measure Efficiently

Welcome to the new way of measuring - The Omi™ Smart Tape Measure. Never question your measurements, struggle to keep the tape against the wall, or finding the extra help needed for accurate measurements. Our simple design allows for ease of function for everyone, from most advanced to novice users allows for quick measuring that has never been easier.

Easy, One Button Function

The Omi™ uses a single button design, ensuring the device's ease of use for everyone. A single push of the button turns the device on; a second push of the same button engages the measuring function. The Omi™ Smart Tape Measure can measure 1 inch up to 98 feet (.05 meters to 30 meters).

Smart Technology 

The Omi™ comes with built-in Bluetooth technology allowing you to pair your device with the Omi™ and the 'Mi Home App.' Once you pair the Omi™ to your phone's Bluetooth, you will be able to receive real-time measurements, draw floor plans, import existing photos to measure objects in the photo, and export photos back to your phone's gallery all within the same app. Making our device truly smart. 


Size: 2.8 x 1.3 x 0.66 in.  | 73x 33.2 x 16.8 mm.
Net Weight: 
Power Type: 
Rechargeable Lithium Battery
Display Screen: 
OLED Display
Measurement Accuracy: 
0.078 in. | 2 mm.
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